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Everything You Need To Know About Daygame To Get To A Good Level

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As it says in the title, this course will go through pretty much everything you need to know to get to a good level with daygame. I know, not exactly the most catchy title, but I didn't want to use a gimmicky headline because that's not what this is about. The focus is on just the raw, honest facts that you genuinely need to know to get to a good level. No hype, no BS, no fluff, no mental masturbation.

There's a lot of information on the internet/youtube on daygame content and it can feel overwhelming - this course covers pretty much everything you need to know about the daygame interaction. All delivered in as clear and succinct a manner as I can make it.

Although it is designed primarily for beginners, it will be useful as well for intermediate level guys to get you to that next level.

This course features over 20 hours of footage so it is packed full of value. Importantly, it is delivered in a way so that you're not overwhelmed by too much information all at once. There will be times throughout the course, especially in the first half, where I will tell you to stop watching at the end of a particular module and go out and implement what we just spoke about. That's the key here - this course isn't about passively consuming lots of information. It's about actually taking action in the real world so that you actually implement this stuff and improve your dating life, social skills & confidence.

Everything is structured in a gradual step-by-step fashion (much like how I do my coaching sessions) so that it's not too intimidating/overwhelming to go through it by yourself.

The course contains lots of examples to demonstrate the key points I make and there are various exclusive infields that you will not find anywhere else. This includes an instant date with a Ukrainian stunner during the daytime.

Once you have watched and studied this course, you will not need to consume any more daygame content. Pretty much everything you need is here.

Note - this course covers the daygame interaction, not dating, texting etc. (this may come in future courses).

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Course Content

First Principles
What is daygame and why bother with it? Even if you've already started doing it, this will serve as a useful reminder
Managing The Fear
Lets face it. The biggest hurdle preventing you from taking action and having an amazing dating life is the fear of approaching and talking to attractive girls. This is normal - 90% of guys experience this in some capacity. I will go through a simple but extremely effective step-by-step guide to enable you to eventually approach effectively when experiencing this
Approach Fundamentals
We will cover everything from how to actually approach, how to start a conversation, how to develop an interesting conversation out of nothing, how to flirt & build attraction, how to build a deep & meaningful connection in conversation plus a lot more
Common Sticking Points
Many guys experience the same major weaknesses which are very common and are covered in detail here eg. running out of things to say, asking too many questions, conversations too boring/platonic etc.
Full Infield Demonstrations
I will show you some exclusive infield demonstrations and then afterwards break them down in minute detail so you know exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it so you can more easily implement these concepts yourself
Important Principles & Scenarios
There are a lot of nuances & various scenarios you will encounter during your daygame interactions so we cover that here eg. what if she's with her friend?, what if she's giving me objections?, the importance of your 'state'
Fundamental Mindsets
No excessive inner game mind wank here. Just the genuinely important & practical mindsets you need to embrace to actually get good with this stuff
Moving Forward
How to take this stuff forward so that you have a sustainable plan to continue practicing and progressing


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Everything You Need To Know About Daygame To Get To A Good Level

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